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SoundsWave is a breakthrough treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) that directly addresses poor blood flow, the root cause of ED. At New Haven Medical Services in Seneca, South Carolina, Peter Kwofie, MD, is proud to offer SoundsWave, which improves blood flow to the penis through a safe, noninvasive treatment. SoundsWave can treat your ED without medication or surgery and improve your overall sexual health and performance. To learn more about SoundsWave, call or click today.

SoundsWave Q & A

What is SoundsWave?

SoundsWave is a noninvasive, drug-free treatment that produces lasting results for men who have ED. SoundsWave addresses the root cause of ED, which is that the blood vessels in the penis aren’t working as well as they should. SoundsWave uses high-frequency acoustic waves to break up plaque and open up existing blood vessels, as well as to stimulate the growth of new vessels, increasing blood flow to the penis.

Unlike ED medication, which gives you a window of a few hours to more easily get an erection in response to sexual stimulation, SoundsWave actually improves your body’s natural sexual response. That means you can enjoy more spontaneous intimacy. With SoundsWave, you won’t have to schedule sex around when you take your medication.

What are the benefits of SoundsWave?

SoundsWave not only treats the symptoms of ED, allowing you to get and maintain erections at the right time, but the increased blood flow to your penis can improve other aspects of your sex life as well. Your erections will be stronger, and you’ll be able to perform better sexually. You’ll also experience more intense sensation and better orgasms after your treatment.

What should I expect during SoundsWave treatment?

SoundsWave treatment uses sound waves, which means it’s painless and noninvasive, though you’ll receive a numbing cream in the treatment area 30 minutes before the procedure. You should also expect to feel vibrations, which may seem intense at first, though you should get used to them quickly.

A procedure takes between 15 and 30 minutes once the numbing cream has taken effect. You may experience some mild redness and skin irritation afterward, but they’ll go away after a few hours. Furthermore, you’ll need no downtime after your procedure.

There’s a good chance you’ll notice a difference in sensation and responsiveness after just one procedure. However, for optimum results, you’ll need at least six treatments, possibly as many as 12, depending on the severity of your ED. SoundsWave is most effective when the treatments are close together, so you should plan to go in for two procedures a week during the treatment period.

To find out more about how SoundsWave can improve your sexual health, make an appointment at New Haven Medical Services by calling or using the convenient online booking tool.